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We are delighted to welcome all of the P.4 children back to school for their final year in  Key Stage 1. Keep checking this page throughout the school year to keep up to date with all our activities.

September Notes

Primary 4 November/December 2021


We have so much to look forward to this half-term in P.4!  Already we have begun our ‘Geared for Growth’ topic and are discovering lots of fascinating information about trees around our school. We will be doing some clever detective work when we use the clues of tree shape, bark and leaves to identify different tree species.  We will be completing lots of connected art and design, science and ICT activities too.  Film and animation opportunities await us as we use the iPads to create our own animations on “The Growth of a Seed” and “Trees Throughout the Seasons”.


In Literacy, we will be writing instructions and focusing on the skill of inference.  Reading between the lines is proving to be a really enjoyable challenge in our Guided Reading lessons. So many clues….such interesting discussions….P.4 reading lessons are so much more than sounding out words on a page!


In Maths, we will be doing lots of practical work and playing games to become really secure in the concepts of subtraction and multiplication. We can expect lots of “number chats” as we share and evaluate the most efficient ways to carry out mental calculations.  Our problem solving strategy focuses on the use of pictures and diagrams to help us reach solutions and we will also look at new ways to present information in our Maths Topic work.


Add to this the buzz and excitement of our Christmas plans and you will understand just why we have so much to look forward to.  Although school is a little different this year, we will all enjoy reliving the Christmas story and we are as excited as ever to celebrate this wonderful season with friends in our class bubbles.


Learning at Home Information 

In order to help you continue your child's learning journey at home, we aim to provide you with information here on our P4 page. For those parents who have signed up to the SeeSaw app, we will keep in contact with the children through it.