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At Cairnshill Primary we are very privileged to have a fantastic Music Section.  Music has been a huge part of Cairnshill Primary for decades!  We have lessons in violin, cello, woodwind, brass, guitar and piano each week!  Over 100 pupils take part in music lessons with the Education Authority peripatetic team and private tuition in school.  Our school orchestra meets every Tuesday afternoon with specialistic sectional slots and full orchestra rehearsals.  We perform at many school celebrations for parents, peers, staff and community!  Many children aim to achieve their next level of playing, taking part in music exams each year, across various music exam boards.  We aim to support, guide and encourage each and every pupil to develop their understanding of music!


"Music is close to my heart having been involved with music for almost 40 years!  It creates such emotion, enthusiasm and determination.  There is a sense of achievement, celebration and coming together in a special way, " Mrs J Neill, Music Co-ordinator

Music Restart 1.10.2020

Music Unlocked Guidance from EA

We wanted to encourage our pupils in this strange period of time, in 2020, with their music.  Look at the ideas above to help you get back into the swing of practising!