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Writing Instructions with P3Mc

P3McKenzie have been very busy learning all about instructional writing over the past few weeks. They have looked at lots of different types of instructions and have even had a go at writing their own. The children have been finding out all about bossy verbs, as they know that instructions have lots of them. They've played lots of games including 'Snakes and Ladders' to make them think about how they would write a set of instructions to teach others to play. Alex showed everyone how to 'blow a bubble' and as a class the children wrote all about the process of this. Their favourite pieces of instructions have been in ABL (Activity Based Learning) tasks. They have been making their own 'Mr Smiles' using digestive biscuits, chocolate spread and sweets...yummy! After making these the children wrote instructions to explain how they did it. They have also had to follow instructions to make a 'Brenda or Otto' puppet, based on their shared reading book 'Keep Going Brenda'. Everyone has loved learning about instructions and now know everything that is required to write a good set for others to follow.