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Wilson's Automobile Empire - P6W

P6W put away their books this week as their classroom was transformed into "Wilson's Automobile Empire".  The class were tasked to use their prior knowledge and research of forces and energy to design and construct a balloon car.
Small design teams were busy at work, planning, creating and modifying designs.  (They learned as much from their mistakes as their successes.)  The hacksaws and glue guns were in overdrive as extra balloons were attached to maximise power source and number plates were added- just for style!
In the end, the winning team's car travelled a massive 5.89m. It won because it was light, aerodynamic, very simple and small.  Simplicity was the key!
The next day the teams had to reform to storyboard and film a short persuasive advert to promote the car which they had made.  Exaggeration....powerful adjectives....repetition...alliteration...rhetorical questions were all used to great effect.  Mrs Wilson was tempted to buy them all!
This project has shown that P6W have many talents- Ferrari and Sir Alan Sugar could learn a lot from these pupils!