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Optician Visit to P6 Classes

Boots’ opticians visit P6 to talk about eye health and literacy


On Friday 23rd September, two opticians from Boots at Forestside visited P6 pupils to explain how we should look after our eyes.  We are currently studying the human body and presenting reports on the heart, the lungs , the intestines, the brain, the liver and the kidneys. 

It was really interesting to hear about how our amazing eyes work and how opticians can carry out tests to check the health of our eyes.  Emphasis was put on the need for good eye health and best possible vision for reading.


Boots are working in conjunction with the National Literacy Trust, a UK charity that promotes childhood literacy. 


Everyone in P6 received a bookmark and each class was presented with a book called the Zoo keeper which included a range of little eye tests throughout the story.


Many thanks to Alison and Sarah from Boots at Forestside.