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BBC 'Make It Digital' - Science Festival

Today, some members of Cairnshill's 'Code Club' had the opportunity to share their work at the BBC's 'Make It Digital' event at Blackstaff Studios.  Una, the NI Coordinator for Code Club, had invited four pupils to share some of the interactive coding activities they'd been developing on Thursday afternoons.  The children were keen to demonstrate their latest project - an interactive art pad which was connected to a Makey Makey device.  Want to draw in yellow? Touch the banana. Green? Try the lettuce!  The drawing tools were made from playdoh and it was all visible on a large screen.  The children were very enthusiastic as they talked to visitors at the event and explained their projects.  They also really enjoyed having the opportunity to visit some of the other stands.  Overall it was a great afternoon and the children were fantastic ambassadors for Cairnshill.


The 'Make It Digital' event continues on Friday (10am-9pm) and Saturday (10am-7pm) so why not drop in and find out more!  It's free to attend and there are a range of special workshops and shows happening.