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School Uniform

School Uniform - orders


School uniform can be purchased from two suppliers:-

1.  Signature Works (online & Belfast shop)

2.  Reach (Lisburn shop)


Signature Works

Uniform can be purchased from the Signature Works shop:- Adelaide Business Centre, 4 Apollo Road, Belfast, BT12 6HP. Tel 028 95904809


All items of school uniform can also be purchased online from The Signature Works website:-


Reach/Our School Uniform

Uniform can be purchased from the Reach/Our School Uniform shop:- 13 Haslems Lane, Lisburn, BT28 1BJ

If you have a query, please phone Reach on 028 9262 1115.


Uniform Labelling...


It's really important that all items of uniform are clearly labelled with your child's name. Many children in each class will wear the same size so if items aren't named, it's almost impossible to return them to their owners.



One option for labelling uniform is to purchase a personalised stamper with your child's name. Check out for stampers and help our PSA raise funds from your purchase.  To help raise money for school funds, please use our school code - BT86RT.



Personalised sticky labels can be ordered from Stikins. These labels can be used on a wide variety of items and will even survive the washing machine!