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Summer Fun Learning!

Ready for P3

A few parents have asked how to help their child be ready for P3?  

We have thought through the areas that we would expect our lovely P2s to be able to do.

What they should have learnt by the end of P2 and a creative way to keep learning fresh!


The pick-a-mix - is learning made fun!!  Pick a box and highlight when you do or achieve it!  How many can you complete - would there be a reward if they complete so many?


We have also added here word lists  -  these are words that come up across the book levels.  It might be good for you to read over the words and see if they can search for these words in books.  


We hope this is useful and makes any learning you do over the summer to keep fresh or catch-up easy to do 👍🏻


Thanks P2 Team