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Some guidelines for using SeeSaw;


  • Use the green circle with an add sign to add material – photos, drawings, voice messages etc.
  • These will not appear on the learning journal until they have been checked and approved by your teacher.  
  • SeeSaw is a chance to interact with your teacher and enjoy taking part in your class activities.  How lovely to see your posts and how encouraging it is to see you having fun. However we must say  - we want meaningful exchanges on SeeSaw so posting inappropriate messages will be deleted.  If your message has not appeared then it has not been deemed irrelevant or appropriate. If we can't stand over what is posted, unfortunately we cannot approve it, sorry.  
  • We are still waiting for some members of our class to get permission to use this app. If you have not returned a written permission slip, then ask a parent to complete a form online available through our Cairnshill app.  This information will go directly to Mrs Currie who will then filter it down to the teachers.  This is taking some time – as you can imagine Mrs Currie is pretty busy at the minute!
  • We are not SeeSaw experts and are on a very steep learning curve ourselves.  We will try and help you as best we can as we learn along the way.  It is an ever evolving forum!
  • We plan to send announcements on SeeSaw twice a week.  On a Monday & Wednesday we will inform you of some particular learning points and reading for that day and the next. We will try to comment on what was set and try to steer you towards the potential learning you could focus on the following week.
  • Each Friday we aim for it to be just as it is in school - spelling test, singing, handwriting practical mathematics, outdoor play and golden time!