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SeeSaw is a great opportunity for children to interact with their teacher and enjoy taking part in a range of different class activities. Below are a few pieces of advice for using SeeSaw at home;


  • Sign up to Seesaw using the QR code provided with Learning Pack 2. You will then be directed to your child's Learning Journal.
  • To add new material, use the green circle with the add sign. This could be messages, photographs, drawings, voice messages etc. 
  • These posts will not appear on your child's Learning Journal until they have been checked and approved by the class teacher. Please remember to think carefully about the content of your message as inappropriate messages will not be approved. If a message that you have posted does not appear, then it has not been deemed relevant or appropriate. We do however look forward to interacting with the children in a meaningful way and seeing them take part in activities which we have set. 
  • To upload completed tasks that have been set by the teacher click on the green 'add response +' button. Again, these will be approved by the class teacher. 
  • We are still waiting for some members of the year group to get permission to use this app. If you have not returned a written permission slip for your child then one can be completed online through the Cairnshill app. This information will go directly to Mrs Currie who will then filter it down to the class teachers. This may take a little time , as you can imagine Mrs Currie is being kept very busy at the minute so please be patient. 
  • As teachers, we are still learning how to use Seesaw ourselves. We will try as best as we can to guide you along the way as we continue to learn too! 
  • We plan to post a weekly plan on a Monday to help you with structuring your week ahead. We will also post some activities, ideas and links for learning at various points throughout the week as necessary and then check in on Friday to see how everyone's week has gone.
  • We hope that you find SeeSaw an exciting opportunity to continue our learning together outside the classroom.