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Primary 6

What’s coming up in P6 this term?


As ever, we have a busy term full of exciting events planned for our hard working Primary Six pupils.


We will be on an intergalactic adventure as we boldly go where no P6 pupils have gone before....our new topic this term is Space. We will be studying the sun, moon and stars.  The children will be independently researching the various planets and we will be investigating space travel.  We may even be constructing our own rockets…when we get clearance from NASA!


In Communication, we will be using the knowledge gained from our Space project to create interesting and original science fiction narrative stories. We will continue to use digital media and our whole class novels to develop our reciprocal reading skills of predicting, clarifying, questioning, summarising and making connections beyond the text.


In Using Mathematics, we will be exploring negative numbers then length and weight as we calculate temperatures, speeds and distances on planet Earth and beyond!


Like all astronauts, an understanding of measurement and control is required!  Using ICT, we will develop these skills with the use of Probots and Scratch software. 


To ensure our P6 trainee astronauts are fit and able for their space adventures, training will be included. Weekly athletic activities will help our recruits to develop speed and agility (in hockey, rugby and athletics). Watch this “space” for our musical and artistic compositions.



10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…….BLAST OFF P6!



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What’s happening in Primary Six in November/December?


Primary Six are to embark on an historical adventure this term. We are stepping back in time to experience the world of the Vikings and determine whether they were really as vicious as history would have you believe!


We learn about who the Vikings are, where they come from and how they changed life here in Northern Ireland after they settled here.


P6 pupils will be using the knowledge that they gather to write empathetic prayers from the monk’s perspective and to create authentic looking Viking crafts and weapons. We will use independent research and ICT skills in order to make Google Slides presentations to share our findings and educate the rest of the class.


Our writing focus this term also looks to the past, as we investigate recount writing. We examine personal recounts of trips, diaries, newspapers, but most specifically look at biographies (of the famous) and autobiographies (of our P6 pupils who are yet to be famous!)


In whole class reading sessions, we will be diving into new and different class novels which allow us to examine vocabulary, retrieve information and summarise the story so far. Specifically this term, we will become text detectives as we learn to predict and read between the lines to become masters of inference.


In Mathematics, this half term we will be wholly enthusiastic about fractions! We find equivalent fractions, fractions in their lowest terms, fractional parts and many more fun activities! We use the knowledge gained so that Mr Oliver, Miss Bingham and Mrs Wilson can have an equal share of a chocolate cake for the Friday treat!


Not forgetting all of our Christmas fun and activities! This year may be a little different, but we are determined to make it a great holiday to remember. Don’t forget to get your Christmas jumpers ready for our Christmas Craft day on 4th December and there is a Festive Fun day planned for 11th December…..which will bring lots of surprises!


Make sure that you keep reading as our next AR celebration will be held on 17th December.


We ho-ho- hope you have a fabulous term and a really happy Christmas!


Welcome to Primary Six!

New shoes, new uniform, new books and new opportunities! We hope that you had an enjoyable summer and are back, refreshed and ready, to start the busy and exciting year ahead! We know that it may not have been the summer that you had planned- but we hope that you had great fun.


This term our topic is…..The Human Body. We will be investigating how our body works and how we can best take care of it. Moreover, we will be examining how smoking, drugs and alcohol affect our system. We will also be meeting Stanley, our resident skeleton!


In literacy, we hope to improve our study and research skills. We will be reading many non- fiction texts, focusing on skimming and scanning, note making and summarising skills.  There will be many opportunities for talking and listening activities, as we love to talk in P6! 


Our writing cycle is focusing on the genre of non- chronological report writing. Our modelled, shared and guided writing projects will all be centred on the human body topic.  Hopefully, you will watch out and “report” back whenever you see one!


In Maths, we will start the year by looking at large numbers and revise some basic skills taught in Primary 5, before tackling long multiplication and number patterns. There will be lots of fun maths investigations and puzzles along the way. 


With all the talk of the human body, we will be doing lots of exercise this half term. Every Monday we will be participating in outdoor games and every Thursday we will have PE. Remember you can wear your kit to school on these days.


Please register with Google Classroom and Seesaw as soon as possible, so that we can contact you directly.








P6 Welcome September 2020

Letter for P6 parents 11.6.2020

P6 Parents' 'Virtual Transfer Meeting'


As we're unable to meet with you in person, we've produced a video sharing information about the transfer process. You can access it by clicking the link below. The password has been shared via the school app. (If you have not received the password, please send a direct message to the school Facebook page and we'll share it with you.)

Letter for P6 parents re Transfer

Learning at Home


We hope that all of our Primary 6 pupils are well and are coping with all of the recent changes. We miss them all, but we are very grateful to keep in touch with them through SeeSaw and Google Classroom. 


We have been following the timetable of activities and learning intentions that were outlined in the home learning pack. The teachers have been adding daily updates and tasks/activities/videos on SeeSaw and Google Classroom. If you haven’t managed to access these platforms yet, please do so as soon as you can. 


Please note that this is a suggested timetable. We know that learning at home will look differently for everyone. Please do what you can, when you can. Pupils will know when they need some extra practice and so they can attempt the extra activities that we suggest to help them to consolidate their learning.  We will be in regular contact to help as much as we can. 


Stay safe, 

Mr Oliver, Miss Bingham and Mrs Wilson