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Letter for P6 parents 11.6.2020

P6 Parents' 'Virtual Transfer Meeting'


As we're unable to meet with you in person, we've produced a video sharing information about the transfer process. You can access it by clicking the link below. The password has been shared via the school app. (If you have not received the password, please send a direct message to the school Facebook page and we'll share it with you.)

Letter for P6 parents re Transfer

Learning at Home


We hope that all of our Primary 6 pupils are well and are coping with all of the recent changes. We miss them all, but we are very grateful to keep in touch with them through SeeSaw and Google Classroom. 


We have been following the timetable of activities and learning intentions that were outlined in the home learning pack. The teachers have been adding daily updates and tasks/activities/videos on SeeSaw and Google Classroom. If you haven’t managed to access these platforms yet, please do so as soon as you can. 


Please note that this is a suggested timetable. We know that learning at home will look differently for everyone. Please do what you can, when you can. Pupils will know when they need some extra practice and so they can attempt the extra activities that we suggest to help them to consolidate their learning.  We will be in regular contact to help as much as we can. 


Stay safe, 

Mr Oliver, Miss Bingham and Mrs Wilson

February- March 2020                                   Forces all around us!


This term P6 will be identifying forces used to operate objects in our environment. Pupils will form questions of their own relating to gravity and air resistance as they test out fair experiments on parachutes, toy cars on ramps and with the ultimate challenge to work in a group to design and produce a functioning balloon powered car.  


Using their persuasive powers, pupils will attempt to set up a radio advertisement jingle using the Garage band app to persuade others to buy their cars!  Will they be successful?


During our stay at Greenhill YMCA, pupils will apply their map skills for orienteering activities and they can also test out forces with their own bodies on the climbing wall!  


PE lessons will involve using more forces as pupils learn to move, balance and control their own direction and movement during gymnastics.


It is once again a busy term in P6 as we look forward to World Book Day and of course the trip to Greenhill!