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Primary 3

Welcome to our Primary 3 page

Hello and welcome to P3! The P3 teachers are Mrs Gardiner, Mrs Sweeney, Mrs Patterson and Mrs Shields. P3 is the first year of Key Stage 1 and is a very busy one where we learn lots! We have many new World Around Us topics, interesting ABL activities and new learning in Literacy and Numeracy to look forward to. We hope that all of the boys and girls enjoy their time in P3 and learn lots across the different areas of the curriculum. If you have any queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Keep checking this page over the course of the school year for regular updates and to see what’s going on in Primary 3.

Term 1A - September/October


We have had a busy start to P3 and have already done lots of interesting new activities. We have also revised over some of the things that we had learnt in P2 to get us ready for the new challenges that lie ahead this year! 


Our topic this term is ‘Sow It Grow It’. We will be doing lots of practical activities related to this through our Activity Based Learning. We will be having a go at making our own clay hedgehogs which will be going into hibernation very soon. Another ABL activity will give us the chance to show off our creativity through a colour mixing task. We will be hunting outside for different shapes and sizes of leaves which we will use for our art work. We will be showing our teachers just how much we have learnt about the seasons through our season sort activity.


Our current writing focus is ‘Instructional Writing’. Our teachers began by giving us a challenge! They provided us with a variety of games which we weren't able to play unless we read and followed the instructions correctly! In the coming weeks we will be doing lots of fun practical activities related to following sets of instructions that our teachers give us and writing our own instructions for someone else to follow. During our Guided Reading sessions in class, we will be having fun predicting what will happen next in the stories that we read. For shared reading we have already been introduced to ‘Brenda the Brent Goose’ and look forward to finding out about all that she gets up to as she mirates from Canada to Strangford Lough for the winter months.


In Numeracy we have already been doing lots of data handling. We made a birthday pictograph and even managed to show information about our ages on a Carroll Diagram! We also made a graph to showing our heights. Our teachers plan to measure us again at different points throughout P3 to see how much we have grown.


Our teachers have lots more exciting things planned for the next few weeks. Keep checking to find out what new things we have been up to!