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Term 3

Welcome back to the third term!  This is not how we normally start our last term but we will make the most of the situation.  Please find this week's learning in the link below called week by week guide.  We will also be in contact via Seesaw and we will set some more tasks there.  If you have not yet logged onto Seesaw then please do so ASAP.

Easter Holidays


I am sure you are glad that your homeschooling  can take a break for two weeks for the Easter holidays.  We know it is hard to homeschool and work from home at the same time.  We also know that two weeks will be a long time with no real focus for the children.  For this reason we have collated a few wee fun activities to help you out when they tell you they have nothing to do.  Please do not see this as set work and it does not need to be done.  We are off for two weeks as well so we won't be expecting to see any of the activities on seesaw but we will check in every now and again incase anyone needs us.  There will be some activities in the Easter link star and also a few on Seesaw.


 Our hearts go out to all those key workers who haven't been able to spend the same amount of time with their children.  All of this will wait, remember you can only do what is possible.


Thank you

P1 Team



We hope all of our P1 children have settled into home learning with ease.  For all of us our day looks very different at the moment.  Some people have lots of time to help their children learn and some people have very little.  We hope to share plans and ideas through the Seesaw App, we recommend you do what you can but please don't feel that you need to be making junk models and doing mental maths right up to the moment they close their eyes at night.


How we hope to help


We have sent home two separate packs, one to be used before Easter and one for after.  The pack for before Easter includes revision work.  This is to reinforce what we have already done this term.  Please follow the guidelines included in this pack and complete the worksheets and activities.  We would like to stress the importance of reading, remember to read the books from Oxford Owl that are in the book band suggested.  There are some online games suggested in this pack but there are also many, many more out there.  We will be available to chat through Seesaw, if you have not yet logged in then please do so ASAP.  You will need a QR code which you will find in the brown envelope.  If you have not yet given permission for your child to use Seesaw then please complete the online form using the school app.  


After Easter we will provide you with a week by week guide.  We hope that this will allow your child to learn in all the different areas.  We will post this on Seesaw but we will also post it here for any families who are not wanting to use Seesaw.  

Welcome to P1


P1 is a very exciting year as we plan to have lots of fun! We are all settling into our new surroundings and enjoying making new friends. During this year we hope to have lots of very interesting visitors and we plan to go on two trips, one to the fire station and the other to Carrickfergus castle. In school we are trying to be ‘caught being good’. If we are we get a pom pom in our class jar and then the class get a treat! Our pom pom parties are the highlight for many.

Keep checking this page for more information over the year-we’ll try to keep you updated with everything that is going on.




The main topic this term is ‘Starting School’. This will involve the children getting to know their surroundings and the people who work in school. We will be learning to rhyme, match, listen, count, recognise numbers, develop our fine motor skills, learn some letter sounds and much, much more!


In October we will be learning about healthy eating. We ask parents to send in a healthy snack; this will help us to teach the children which foods are healthy.


We will be looking out for signs of autumn so if parents come across anything interesting when they are out and about,  we would be delighted to receive it in for our autumn table.


We ask parents/carers not to send nuts into school as school is a nut free zone (conkers, acorns etc).


Our pupils can also use Education city - if anyone can’t get logged on, they can contact their child's teacher for assistance.