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School update 10.4.2020


We have come to the end of our first period of this very unique and challenging situation. Firstly thank you for your support and your engagement in our remote learning. The large majority of children have made contact with their teacher and are now set up for Seesaw or Google Classrooms (P6/7) The period of online learning will begin on Monday 20th April. If your child has not made contact online by Friday 24th April, teachers may make pastoral calls to check that everything is ok.


Please remember that the teachers will be keeping the work updated regularly and the emphasis is to keep the children 'ticking over' until we are allowed back to school. Keep checking the school website year group pages for details as well as Seesaw/Google Classrooms. I understand that there are a large number of parents who are trying to work from home, looking after young children, looking after parents and relatives as well as trying to keep the children working on their school work. I would urge you to please focus on the health and happiness of your family before stressing about the academic progress of your child. We will post work but it is up to you and your child if you can get this done. The work will be there for those who want/need it and can get through it. Please do not put too much pressure on yourself to 'teach' if there are other more pressing matters to deal with.


I have spoken to a few parents who have said that their child is struggling emotionally through this time and that is understandable. Talk to your child and take time to do things with them that they enjoy - build lego, read, bake, sing together, paint and draw etc. DENI have asked that all parents be informed of a Safer Schools App which has been launched today. Details will be on the school website.


For parents of P6 children, I will be writing to you regarding the AQE process in the coming days. Please check the school app for notifications as well as the year group page on the website.


Currently the school is closed for a few days. We have been open for the children of key workers and will continue to be open for the foreseeable future.


I would like to thank all Cairnshill parents and friends who are key workers and are helping us to get through this terrible time. It is difficult for us to imagine how hard the dedicated NHS staff in particular are having to work in order to keep us safe. We will forever be in your debt.


Although this is a difficult time for us all, it is also a very proud time too. I feel immensely proud of our children in how they have been able to adapt to the changes in their world. It will be very hard for them to get back in to school but we will work with them and support them as much as we can. I am also proud of the staff and how they have risen to the challenge of teaching remotely as well as helping in school when they can. We all have families and health concerns of our own so please remember that if a teacher doesn't respond straight away, there may be a reason for that.


I hope that the children are all safe and well and that you and your family can enjoy some unexpected quality time together at home. I will try and keep you all updated as much as possible but would urge you all to be sensible and follow the PHA guidance. 


Happy Easter to you all. Stay safe and stay at home.


J Currie