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School Council Christmas KS2 competition

The School Council recently held a competition, inviting P5 and P6 pupils to design a picture to be displayed on the afternoon or evening tickets.  P7 pupils were given the chance to have their drawing on the cover of the programme.  The name of the concert is “The Greatest Gift of All” and this provided the inspiration for the designs.

There was a lot of interest in this competition and the School Council enjoyed carefully looking at each design and judging the winners.

The winner for P5 was Gilia Li (P5M) and her drawing will be displayed on the afternoon ticket.


The winner for P6 was Daniel Parkinson (P6B) and his drawing will be displayed on the evening ticket.


The winner of the P7 section was Lauren Millar (P7M) and her drawing will appear on the cover of the programme.

The School Council would like to thank all the children who entered the competition and well done to the winners! 

The winners received a selection box and are thrilled to have their fantastic art work on display very soon.