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Refunds and payments

Refunds and payments

Obviously the school year has ceased currently but some classes had trips already planned and paid for. (The P7 residential is separate to this money and I have written to all P7 parents explaining what will happen regarding this)

Scheduled class trips included:

P1 Fire Station visit

P4 Castle Ward visit

P5 swimming lessons

P7 Titanic visit


This list would affect approximately 330 children therefore to give each child/family a refund would be a logistical nightmare! Therefore, the staff will keep a list of all children who have paid for these trips and use this money for their next class trip i.e. P4 Castle Ward will now be used for P5 Zoo trip, P5 swimming lessons will be used for P6 swimming lessons etc.


The P7 trip was part of a collection of events including birds of prey visit, kite workshop etc. and this will also be taken into consideration. The Titanic visit had already been paid for and refunds are proving to be rather difficult to get! Please bear this in mind.


Thank you for your understanding and patience as we try and work our way through this difficult time.