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P6B investigate forces and energy

P6 pupils have been busy carrying out experiments to discover how gravity and air resistance operate.


Parachute experiment

In groups, the children made different sized parachutes using tissue paper, thread and string.  A fair test ensured that each parachute was dropped from the same height, the same number of paper clips and the same amount of string was used.  The children recorded their findings and discovered that the larger the surface area of the parachute, the longer amount of time it took to fall to the ground.  More air was trapped under the larger pieces of tissue paper, creating greater air resistance working against gravity.


Toy car experiment

Pupils also set up a fair test to record how the distance a toy car travelled down a ramp, was affected by the height of the ramp.  The higher the ramp, the greater the pull of gravity on the car and the further the car travelled.  The incidental finding was that the toy car needed a short “pit stop” to realign the wheels as the car tended to veer off course occasionally!


Everyone really enjoyed these practical experiments and excitement is growing as the next activity involves designing, producing and racing balloon powered cars!