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'Name the Fish' Competition

Name the fish competition!


The School Council is very excited to invite all the pupils at Cairnshill Primary School to take part in a very fishy competition.


Recently Mr Harvey cleaned out our old fish tank which is located outside the office.  Lots of colourful and exotic fish were purchased and we think they look really cool!


Adam Mc Namee is our chairperson this term and he suggested that we ask the pupils to come up with some names for our new fish.  He thinks it will encourage everyone to take a special interest in the fish as we pass by the fish tank each day at school.  The School Council will have the responsibility to decide which names are the best and small prizes will be awarded to the pupils who choose the winning names!


It is a fun competition and the fish can be viewed on the website.  (Pictures in the 'Gallery' from Monday, 20th Jan.)  Each year group including the nursery will be allocated a fish to name. 


Just pop your slip of paper in the box in Miss Bingham’s room and at a later date, the School Council will let everyone know which names were chosen.  You must include your full name, class and the suggested name of the fish allocated to your year group.

Use your imagination and you just might choose a winning name!