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Latest News from P3S

We have had another very busy week over in the P3 Block! We have started on our new cycle of Activity Based Learning which is based around our current ‘Water’ topic. The different groups have been enjoying doing a range of water based activities. We had a group who were investigating whether certain objects floated or sank when put into a container of water and a group who were working on a capacity investigation in the water tray. Lots of successful predictions were made. In the classroom we had a group who were building bridges using a range of materials that they had been provided with. The bridges had to be able to carry a 50g weight, allow a Lego man to travel under them and be at least three different colours! We had a lot of interesting and varied designs, most of which were able to hold the weight…well for a while anyway!! We were all treated to a puppet show by another group who were writing and performing their own narrative story. We had lots of different ‘oh no!’ moments but we are pleased to report that everyone lived happily ever after in the end! Our final group made up a piece of music using percussion instruments to accompany a series of poems that we have been reading in class. Don’t you agree that we have been very busy indeed?


This week another highlight of our week was having the apparatus out in the P.E Hall, we had good fun moving around all of the activity stations and can’t wait to go back and have another go next week!