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June – additional remote learning resources


June is such a lovely month in school!  We normally get outside to play rounders, practise for sports' day and have lots of fun practical learning taking place in our classrooms.  If you have completed all of the tasks set on Seesaw and all the pages set in your remote learning packs here are some additional things you could try;

  • Reading – Continue to complete quizzes for AR and read lots in your spare time!  Don’t forget that there are plenty of free online reading books available on Oxford Reading Owls, audible, myOn and the online library service. The ‘Libby – by overdrive’ app is also worth a look. It links to Libraries NI and has loads of books to read online.
  • Book review – write a review of your favourite book that you have read this year and upload it to Seesaw.  Your class would love to hear your recommendations.
  • Reading and illustrating – JK Rowling is running a special competition to find an illustrator for her new book!  Check out for more information and a chance to read her new book.
  • Reading and writing – check out This website has different challenges for you to try each day based on a photograph.  Lots of opportunities for discussion and writing.
  • Writing – why don’t you enter the BBC Radio 2 500 words competition!  More details are found on their website
  • Numeracy – We will be covering so many lovely practical maths topics for the last few weeks.  We hope you enjoy the opportunity to work in a fun practical way at home through the activities we will set.  If you have finished those remember you could always check out these websites for further ideas;
  • Education City – there are many great activities already on your Education City account that you could complete.
  • Joe Wicks – try a home workout with Joe or use the Healthy Kidz app which school signed up to.
  • Draw with Rob – Lots of fun online tutorials to learn how to draw different characters.
  • Oak National Academy – Lots of live lessons to join in with  -
  • BBC Bitesize have lots of lessons for every topic we cover. 


Have fun!