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Home Learning

It is important that children are kept in routine whilst at home. Here are a few suggestions how to facilitate this;


  • Set up a quiet space in your home to help your child focus. Somewhere where you and your child can work together so that you get the most out of their learning sessions. 
  • Put a structured timetable in place. Recommended time for this age group is approximately one and a half hours per day (see suggested timetable of activities below) Set up a 'Plan for the Day' with your child so that they know what they will be doing and when.
  • Limit screen time, try to build this in to fixed activities where possible e.g - apps for learning, part of a reward system. This will also help to keep children motivated and help them to appreciate their devices more. 
  • Ensure that children have opportunities for frequent active breaks throughout the day. 
  • Try to keep activities as practical as possible e.g - when learning about counting money set up a shop and use some pretend toy coins


Suggested Daily Routine 

  • Breakfast


  • Chores  - helping around the home (making beds, helping with laundry etc)


  • Morning exercise 


  • School activities 


- Spellings and dictation 

- Mental Maths 



- Independent Reading (Approximately 10 minutes) 

- Literacy follow up activity - could be written or practical (See ideas in pack/ suggested activities on website/SeeSaw for the week - approximately 30 minutes ) 





- Mental Maths games (approximately 10 minutes) - see appropriate games on suggested websites

- Maths follow up activity - could be practical or written games or activities (See pack/suggested activities on website/SeeSaw for the week - approximately 30 minutes) 




Suggested afternoon activities - art, craft, baking, indoor and outdoor play.


Technology Time - iPad, Xbox, T.V




Family Time - watch a movie, play a board game/do jigsaws/build a Lego model together.


Storytime before bed



Please note that this is a suggested routine. We know that learning at home will be different for everyone and that families will have different circumstances in the coming weeks. Please do what you can, when you can to support your child's learning.