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Enrolment 2017

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Admissions Criteria


Applicants should note that, in the event of the unit being oversubscribed, information contained within their application that qualifies it for admission will be verified.  The Board of Governors may require applicants to verify address information when places are being offered.  If necessary applicants will be informed of what documents are needed and the timescale for submission of these documents when letters of offer are issued.


This is in addition of the standard requirement to produce a birth certificate.


In response to the Regulations issued by the Department of Education, the Board of Governors have drawn up the following admissions criteria.


If the school is over-subscribed, the following criteria will be applied in the order 1-3:


1.  Children from socially disadvantaged circumstances* born between 2 July 2013 and 1 July

     2014 – (both dates inclusive).


2.  Other children born between 2 July 2013 and 1 July 2014 – (both dates inclusive).


3.  All other children born between 2 July 2014 and 1 July 2015.


* A child from socially disadvantaged circumstances can be found at Section C on the Pre-School Application Form. (Available on the EA website)


In the event of over-subscription in any of the criteria 1-2, the following sub-criteria will be applied:


(a)      Children who have already completed a year at this nursery.


(b)      Children who at the date of their application have a child of the family currently or previously enrolled at the school.


(c)      Children whose parent is a permanent employee of the school.


(d)      Children on the basis Cairnshill has been selected as a 1st preference.


(e)      Children on the basis of proximity of their parent’s home to the school (as

          measured by the AA route planner from the nearest gate, Beechill or Cairnshill, by

          public road) ie children who live closest to the school will be given priority.  Where 2    or more children live equidistant from the school final selection will be by lot.    


If over-subscribed in criterion 3 the following sub-criterion will apply:-


On the basis of the chronological age of the pupils starting with the oldest.


In the event of two children having the same date of birth, places will be allocated on the basis of proximity of their parents’ home to school as measured by distance by public road (see 3e).



Applications after 1 September 2017


Criteria as above.


Please note:


A copy of the child’s birth certificate must accompany the application form.


Waiting List Policy


Applications for admission to Nursery for September 2017 before the start of the school year:-


Letters will be issued advising parents of the nursery for which their child has been accepted/not accepted.  After this date all applications that were initially refused, late applications and new applications received will be treated equally and the criteria, as listed above, will be applied.  Your child's name will be automatically added to this list and should a place arise, the school will be contact you in writing.  This waiting list will be in place until 31/08/17.  Parents must inform the school in writing if they wish to have their child's name added to a new waiting list which will take effect from 01/09/17.